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Friday, December 14, 2012

Rockley farm rehab horse shows same pattern as Molly's FR

I was very excited this morning to read Rockley farm's most recent blog post:

For those who do not know Rockley farm, it is a rehab facility in the UK, that instead of trimming horses into some certain balance a human thinks is right, submits them to various terrains and controlled exercises and allow the horses to self trim their hooves. This is only possible with large amount of land, that I, as most horse owners, do not have access to. So I need to trim my horse in addition to allowing them to wear their hooves.

This horse's front right hoof shows the same conformation as Molly's. I would be willing to bet his medial side of P1 is longer too. The way this horses has self trimmed itself is consistent with how I have determined Molly's FR balance: the coronary band is not straight, but raised slightly towards medial. And this horse too has a short lateral toe. Overall the hoof capsule is much shorter than it used to be. All these features are identical to Molly's FR, as I am trimming it now. Of course I am only systematically trimming her like this for a short amount of time and problems usually only show up later, but seeing this horse makes me confident that my understanding of Molly's FR is correct and I should keep going as I am.

Thanks Rockley farm for posting the progress of your horses so diligently!

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