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Saturday, December 22, 2012

first major frost

Today finally winter arrived. Let's see for how long. It was -8 C in the morning and the water puddle at the lower part of the paddock has frozen. Very interesting for Gus :-)!

Since the ground is very very hard and has huge holes in from all the rain before I was a bit afraid how the horses would handle it. But since I am the kind of person "better safe than sorry" I decided I equip both my horses with their Equine Fusions today, Molly even with thin felt pads in. I just thought I give their hooves a bit more time to adjust, especially given all the rain the hooves were really soft. On the frozen ground, the EFs are really perfect. Since the sole is flexible the horses still can feel everything, they just have that little layer of extra protection. With their boots on, both horses did very well on this frozen terrain, so that by the afternoon I removed Gus' boots and he manoeverd the terrain still like a champ. My impression is he prefers the hard ground over the soft muddy one. Molly walks a little bit like a stork, lifts her legs up high as if she is not sure where she should place it when it comes down. It looks quite funny.  But she is not lame or sore at all, just careful. 

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