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The information presented on this blog represents "learning in progress" on my part, a horse owner, who was not satisfied with professional farriers and took matters in my own hands. As far as I am aware at the time of the post, the information presented is correct, but may change with me understanding more about hooves, in which case I will edit or remove the post. In order to follow my learning and understand everything about Molly's hoof, you need to start reading at the bottom.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

2 years

I took pictures today, for a different reason and so I also took one of Molly's FR. It is making so much progress it is hard to believe, given how long I have wanted this progress to happen. The picture is not great, but I could not help to post this comparison: today I saw for the very first time in 2 years Molly's complete sole to show normal, healthy consistency, instead of "inflammation" sole. I really did not think this sole would ever recover, I certainly did not think it would take two whole years and then suddenly be normal, but with the proper balance, it did recover 100%. What an amazing capacity for healing these hooves have.

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