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Thursday, December 20, 2012

one should always take a camera to the barn

My Gus is really a "wild horse" at heart! We had a lot of rain last night and this morning the lower part of the paddock was under water, about 5 inches deep. For Molly this means she is not even coming close to that large water body. With big eyes she stared at the big lake. But Gus is totally the opposite. He marched right in the center of the water and started digging. The water/sand mixture splashed up high and the more it splashed the more violently he dug the ground to make the water splash higher. He really gave himself a mud-bath. In the end he decided he may as well lay down in that lake of mud and water. It is cold and very windy today, really horrible weather here in NW Indiana, so Gus did not take that bath because he was hot. He just so much enjoys playing with the water. And maybe it reminded him of his youth, where he would spent the hot summer days in Southern Texas in exactly that sort of pond.

In any case, I really regretted not having my camera with me. I have never seen any horse doing what Gus just did, apart from Mustangs in the film "Cloud".

Update, a few hours later Gus has dried up (and shaken off the sand) and decided to sleep with his front hooves in the puddle. Not sure if this is the greatest thing, but he won't stay there for long I hope...

This is the good thing about a Palomino horse: one really can't see if it is dirty or clean :-)!

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