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Saturday, March 23, 2013

fore leg extension

I took movies today. I wanted to make them just like Nic from Rockley farm. I placed the camera on the ground and walked straight towards it. Unfortunately, Molly did not want to walk perfectly straight towards the camera. So these movies did not come out. However, the ones from the side did work quite well. I took them on the pasture so I can't really see if Molly lands heel first, or at least flat, but what I can see is how she extends her forelegs. I took pictures from the movie once when she extended the right and once the left leg. I made sure both pictures are scaled to the same size and represent the same stage of the stride: just before the one set of diagonal feet has not yet hit the ground and the other set has just not yet left it.  Then I measured the angle between the front legs. To my surprise, the FR had even a bigger stride than the FL. The difference is very small though, probably slightly affected by the camera angle. But in any case I think that this confirms my impression that Molly really extends her FR well.

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