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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

update on effect of frost

It is now roughly 3 weeks that the ground is frozen solid, with a short interruption of 1-2 days. I must say that I cannot see any major changes in the hooves. Other than absolutely no thrush or white line separation anywhere, which is not very common for my horses anyway. The hooves are very hard though, I tried to trim Gus' bars a bit and no chance! I guess that is the major difference. The hooves are so hard! The ground is so hard too, but both horses master it perfectly fine. For Gus it is a peanut to walk, trot and even canter over the frozen ground. Molly can only walk on the deep holes but where the ground is hard and LEVEL, even she trots and canters. She moves confidently and not sore. I think for her it is more a balance issue, as she is just less sure footed at any faster gait than walk with the holes in the ground.  So so far the frozen ground has been really great. I have to hack the poop loose off the ground in the morning though :-)!Even the poop freezes within a few hours.

I am still ready for some snow. I think this is the longest we have come into winter without snow.

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