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The information presented on this blog represents "learning in progress" on my part, a horse owner, who was not satisfied with professional farriers and took matters in my own hands. As far as I am aware at the time of the post, the information presented is correct, but may change with me understanding more about hooves, in which case I will edit or remove the post. In order to follow my learning and understand everything about Molly's hoof, you need to start reading at the bottom.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


I spent some time analyzing Molly's FR x-ray. In particular I have tried to see where the break over is with respect to the tip of the frog. I did not have a precise marker on the x ray but I did have that head of the drawing pin, that I assumed to be 8mm wide. Based on that I have measured the distance between frog apex (drawing pin) and break over. It is exactly 1 inch, which corresponds exactly to Gene Ovniceks finding:

"The distance from the apex of the frog to the point of break-over ranged from 1 inch in small feet to 1 1/2 inches in the largest feet. No correlation between environment and point of break-over was noted."

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