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Sunday, August 24, 2014

effect of metal shoes

I am starting to collect links to research studying the effect of shoes. This topic always comes up in discussions and this way I am trying to keep a list of links:

Study 1)

Julie Bailey of "The Natural Hoof" writes: "My thoughts - radiographs used in the study were obtained from participating equine veterinary clinics, so if the horses were at the vets having their feet x-rayed how healthy were the hooves used in the study? Were the horses long term shod? Would love to see this study repeated using sound barefoot horses.

I'm reminded of listening to Robert Bowker talk about how bones love compression, and hate tension which results in loss of bone density (demineralization). In a bare hoof the sole bares weight so the pedal bone is compressed between the weight of the horse and the ground. In a shod/peripherally loaded hoof the sole is suspended above the ground, the pedal bone (and the whole horse) is suspended from the hoof walls via the laminae, and so is being pulled outward by the laminae and is under tension. What happens to astronauts after a long stay in space? No gravity so their bones don't experience compression and demineralize.

Study 2)

"The finding is in contrast to the widely held belief that shoeing improves gait quality."

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