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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Molly has learned the pleasures of sharing

I must say it is such a joy to see my two horses together. It took them soooooo long to really become good friends and partners in good and bad times. Molly used to be very protective of her food and also would not let Gus come close to her. Instead, she would threaten him to bite or kick. But she is actually pretty harmless when it comes to really going through with aggression. Just in contrast to Gus, every time when Molly did her little scary behavior he totally over-reacted and went straight into fight mode, scaring Molly. So there was always this tension between them. He does, however, absolutely not mind sharing food with her. So here I had this weird set of horses, that just did not seem to understand each other for almost 1 year.

Luckily all this is over for some years now, but I do still remember the first year, when nothing really seemed to work between them. Gus is now just ignoring Molly's little attacks (which she hardly ever does anymore) and Molly has understood Gus will share anything with her. She can even eat the hay out of his mouth if she wants to. She is imitating Gus in a lot of ways and Gus gets the "quiet vibe" from her allowing his mind to settle down. For example, she never used to drink out of puddles, since Gus likes doing that, she does that too now.  They have become such a perfect couple, complementing each other in every respect.

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