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The information presented on this blog represents "learning in progress" on my part, a horse owner, who was not satisfied with professional farriers and took matters in my own hands. As far as I am aware at the time of the post, the information presented is correct, but may change with me understanding more about hooves, in which case I will edit or remove the post. In order to follow my learning and understand everything about Molly's hoof, you need to start reading at the bottom.

Thursday, April 4, 2013


Just wanted to quickly save this picture, as it is a good example for Molly's situation. Notice the short lateral toe on the FR, the steeper dorsal wall and that is slightly placed backwards, all signs Molly shows too.This is not Molly, it is a horse that Jamie Jackson trims:

26 year old Apollo's hooves - © March 23, 2013 (Shod til the age of 19)

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