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Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Molly has sidebone on her FR, it is pretty obvious to see on her X ray and also from directly looking at her hoof. Today, someone posted in a hoof forum a picture of a dissected foot showing side bone. Molly's are not as advanced but still, it is quite amazing to actually see them being elevated beyond the capsule. I can definitely feel them on Molly's FR. Also, her hoof has a similar triangular shape, just like this one.

I have ordered this balm and will apply it to her coronary band, according to this short movie:

I am not particularly hopeful that this is going to make a huge difference but on the other hand, if bone can demineralize as in osteoporosis, why should cartilage not demineralize too, once the hoof is properly trimmed and correct hoof mechanics restored. I see Molly itching herself often just underneath those ossifications.

Molly's sidebone can be seen here. It is more pronounced on the lateral side. But she does have it on both sides of her hoof. Her front left does not have any signs of side bone. Her front left is such a healthy hoof, it is a real joy to look at it!


  1. I ordered it too. Have you tried it yet? It's too muddy right now. May be I'll wait until we get snow.

  2. yes, been using it for 2 weeks now. Molly loves the massages with the balm. I put it on in the evening right on top of the side bone, when horses stay in dry paddocks and stall. Then during the day outside it is washed off. I do not make this sweat wrap, just put it on and rub it in. I think it is too early to see an effect. But will keep doing it..

  3. I still haven't started using it yet because of the mud. Let me know if you think it's working :)